About us

Anykščiai Women`s Employment and Information Center




Anykščiai Women`s Employment and Information Center is a public, non-governmental and non-profit-making organization, which activities are clearly defined in the organization’s statute.  It unites about one hundred women who pay membership fees and work on a voluntary basis.


Aweic was established in 1995 and was called women’s club of Anykščiai. In 2005 club members decided to reorganize women’s club into Anykščiai Women`s Employment and Information Center.




The mission of the Center is to promote the integration of women into the labour market and the social life of the community applying the principle of gender equality. Our organisation wants to take part in this project by spreading our experience, and we want to get some information and experience from other countries.


Aims and tasks


The main aim of AWEIC is to improve social, psychical and economical state of women and their families of Anykščiai.


AWEIC tasks:

  • Enable women possibility participate positively in social, political and pofessional life;
  • Develope democracy and sexual equality;
  • Stimulate „learning for life“ pattern;



AWEIC main aim and tasks are achieved through:

  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Briefing
  • Social and cultural activity
  • Organizing voluntary work



Membership in coalitions:



Lithuanian women forum

Lithuanian women organization of lobbying

National poverty reduction‘s network of organizations


VO „Moterys ir Verslas Lietuvoje“